Advanced Security & Communications offers a full line of access control systems to help you control and track who is entering your property and when they're allowed access. Our systems feature access cards, keypads or fingerprint readers, magnetic locks, card readers and other biometrics.

Advanced Security & Communications is thoroughly experienced with the Houston Building Codes and has qualified personel to achieve all city permits that will be required at the time of install. Please keep in mind that Harris County Building codes in reference to access control systems are now being enforced outside the Harris County District.

Advanced Security & Communications provides a computerized audit trail of all entries through the Access Control system plus time and date stamps through logging software.

Our systems accommodate many different types of door and gate releases including touch-tone digital keypads, card-swipe readers, proximity readers, wireless key-fob releases, bio-metric readers, palm readers etc. So whether you're looking to secure doors and gates for your home or for your business, we have a system that will fit your needs.

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