Automation makes your life safer and easier!

From whole-home audio to automatic sprinkler systems, the possibilities of a smart home are only limited by your imagination and your bank account. Control home lights, appliances, thermostats and more from a remote location or from a central keypad in the house. Use motion sensors to activate the staircase lights or trigger the security system to ward off intruders. Keep an eye on your home while on vacation with security and surveillance systems that let you see what's going on back home. And don't forget that as the population ages we might all want to consider ways to make our homes safer and more user-friendly.

Advanced Security & Communications installs home and business automation systems. This includes light and climate control incorporating automated access control doors, window shutters, security systems, home entertainment systems, automatic plant watering systems and pet feeding systems.

Newly designed automated systems can be deployed in any existing home or commercial building.


Home and Business Automation

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