Structured Wiring is an engineered design providing the infrastructure that allows building owners to place high tech systems such as computers, communications, entertainment and security systems within a controllable structure. Structured wiring consists of high-performance cables and other wiring connected to a central distribution hub installed in an organized way with a user-friendly interface. Structured wiring provides a solution for your present and future technology needs while adding value to your building.

By installing a structured wiring system, a "connected home" is created. A "connected home" is a living environment that empowers the consumer to maximize the potention of technology to satisfy personal lifestyle needs. It gives the homeowner the control to integrate as many home systems needed to create the required living environment. These systems could include communications, computers, audio/visual, entertainment, security, lighting controls, utilities and environmental controls.

Do you have problems with your current wiring infrastructure? Noisy phone lines or computers that should connect but don't? ASC would be happy to provide an on-site assessment of your current configuration. We can ensure that all of your structural wiring meets data and telecommunication standards.

Are you getting ready to expand or remodel your building? ASC can suggest the pre-wiring to install now that will help you meet your future technology needs. Pre-wiring today's construction project can minimize the cost of tomorrow's technology upgrade. ASC has pre-wired thousands of homes ove the last 17 years in and surrounding the Houston area. In fact ASC was designing structured wiring packages before structured wiring was ever heard of!

Today's technology requires proper wiring to work correctly. Even "wireless" technology actually involves a lot of behind-the-scenes wiring. ASC installs wiring for a range of communications technologies such as data, phone, video, audio, radio frequency and security systems. We can install wiring indoors and outdoors, in commercial or residential properties, for small building as well as large, multi-building campuses.

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