Tired of expensive, ineffective, on-site Security Officers? Call ASC, we have the solution!

Keep an eye on your business with a Remote Video Surveillance System. ASC offers a wide range of remote video surveillance options and services that can be tailor-made to your specific requirements. For example: Video cameras can be integrated with an enterprise network to allow for remote video monitoring through an Internet connection by authorized personnel anywhere in the world.

Protect your business with Live Intervention Two-Way Voice 24x7, 365 days a year, Service Guaranteed! An off-site relay grants remote access to doors and gates after-hours for deliveries, cleaning crews etc.

Optional off-site Video Storage allows business owners and managers to view operations at any time, plus the images are captured and archived for easy retrieval.

Off-site supervision via the Internet off your DVR. Custom software pings your DVR to ensure off-site connectivity. Plus this custom feature allows ASC to monitor the status of the supervision and to detect any technical problems with the DVR before you are probably aware of it.

Remote Video Alarm Verification Service helps you receive top priority response from the police and other public authorities. "Verified" alarm dispatch requests carry a much higher priority than unverified alarm dispatch requests. (Only "man down" calls carry a higher priority). Further, with remote video monitoring you will help to reduce costly and dangerous false dispatches and do your part to cooperate with the authorities in combatting the nationwide problem of "false alarms".

Our Remote Video Monitoring services protect indoor or outdoor spaces and can be customized and integrated with your existing electronic or business security systems. Our Remote Video Monitoring service uses the most technologically advanced equipment on the market and monitors your building using standard secure network, Internet and telephone pathways.

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